Training Level

Gamemodes: Tutorial Mode
Map Size: Single Player

For Deadliest Warrior, I created the training level which would build off of the abilities introduced in Chivalry. The map was created entirely from existing assets in our database, mostly from the Training Level.

All of the scripting was done in Unreal Kismet. Players begin in a HUB area, where they can learn the basics, fight various dummies, practice ranged combat in a mini game, and view advanced visualization tracers which offer transparency for the combat systems under the hood.

Advanced players have the option to run the gauntlet, which is rooms of enemy A.I. that increase in difficulty as the player progresses through the rooms.

My role and contributions:
Design of the Tutorial
Scripting in Unreal Kismet
Paper Maps
Layout Design
Grey Box Iteration
Art pass using Artist made meshes and Landscape