Gamemodes: Team Objective
Map Size: Large (16-32 Players)

Medieval D-Day inspired map. Attackers spawn on boats and must gain a foothold in enemy territory by pushing through the defenders with their Ballista and Catapults.

After taking the front, attackers shift focus and launch an all out siege on the enemy castle using movable Ballista, Catapults, and a massive Siege Tower. Attackers can either smash through the castle gate, or lower it from inside to take the castle.

The final stage has the defending team become the aggressor, as they must escort their King (player controlled, awarded to highest scoring player) to an escape boat outside of the castle walls.

My role and contributions:

-Objective/Gamemode Design
-Scripting Objectives in Kismet
-Concepts and Paper Maps
-Layout Design
-Greybox with multiple iterations
-Landscape/Art pass using meshes made by Artists