Duel Maps

Gamemodes: Duel, Death Match, Free For All, Last Team Standing
Map Size: Small (2-6 Players)

About: I created multiple tight, focused duel maps for Chivalry. These maps can also be used in other modes with smaller player counts. Each of them has a unique element to the to make the duels feel varied and fun across the different maps.
Cistern- Players have high visibility through the iron gates around the level, but cannot land projectiles through them, and must still close the gap to the enemy. The lower passage offers a sneaky path to the opposition.

Courtyard- A very tight map where players must be aware of their surroundings. Players must take advantage of the space limiting their sword swings and try to lock down precious free space.

Frostpeak- The Central Hunting lodge acts as a visual blocker and combat space. It is surrounded by thick trees allowing players to adopting a more hit and run fighting style.

Mines- Lava acts as an environment hazard, players must tread carefully while fighting.

Shipyard- One of the most vertical maps in Chivalry, players can engage on a lower path, bottom floor of a workshop, and the upper ship storage room. The mid level contains dual saw blades moving across the table, which present a hazard to players on both the mid and upper level.

My role and contributions:
Scripting Environment Hazards in Kismet
Asset Placement/Set Dressing
Layout Design
Paper Maps
Grey Box Iteration
Art pass using Artist made meshes