Gamemodes: Death Match, Free For All, Last Team Standing, Capture the Flag
Map Size:Medium (8-16 Players)

Frigid is a Death Match level full of traps. Players can knock loose boulders which roll down the hill and crush less alert enemies. There are log traps activated by trip lines, which when triggered, cause two logs to swing down and crush anyone caught in the way.

The core design of the map is that both teams spawn on the top of hills, which meet in a valley with a frozen river containing the remains of supply ships. It contains a mix of open space in the middle, surrounded by thick trees, high rocks, and a bridge connecting the tops of the hills over the valley.

My role and contributions:
Gamemode Setup
Scripting Environment Hazards in Kismet
Asset Placement/Set Dressing
Layout Design
Paper Maps
Grey Box Iteration
Art pass using Artist made meshes and Landscape